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About BDSoft

We are an integrated IT service provider specialized in the design, installation and administration the IT solution. BDSoft International SRL offers you a wide range of IT services, giving you the possibility to choose from a variety of services that will be included in a contract for providing IT services to suit your needs and expectation.

25 Years of Software development
20 Years of Insurance Projects
1,463 Hours Of Support
15 Hard Workers

Welcome to an innovation company

We created a powerfull and user frendly software solution - SYMPHONY.
The main activity are to customize and implement our software solution.
Also we developing on request the customised software solutions for your company.
Our solution are implemented in financial, logistics and production areas.

Symphony - A great IT solution


Custom Design

We customize the design of application like you wish and needs

Responsive support

Our team are very responsive. We use proactive and reactive support for our clients.

Innovative Ideas

Our innovative ideas are supported by new technologies.

Good Documentation

Our solution have a good documentation.

Custom Reporting

Symphony have implement standard reports. We develop and custom the reports on request.

Ready to action

We are ready anytime to present a demo of our solution.

Call to Action

Please contact us for any question or support.

Meet our team

Insurance Implementation

General Overview

The name of our core insurance system is Symphony Insurance System
The main features of this system are:
- Life Policies Administration
- Non-Life Policies Administration
- Claims Administratiom
- Collection and Distribution
- Reinsurance
Some numbers about this system:
- Over 10 millions policies administration
- Over 500.000 claim files administration
- 15 years insurance experience

Insurance Implementation

Modules of System

Below you will see the main modules with the main functionalies of system

Insurance Implementation

Non-Life products

Below you will see the type of products wich are implemented in Symphony Core Insurance.

Insurance Implementation


Below you will see our strategy regarding to integration the Core Insurance with other systems.

Warehouse Management System

General Overview

The name of our solution for wharehouse management system is Symphony WMS
The application manage all activities which happen in a warehouse, from transportation planning (in/out), contract management, vamal fee, auto fee, management of sales to reporting for accounting closing month.

Warehouse Management System


This is an efficient tool for managing the stocks available in the database, shifting of goods from one place to another, and making updates with the stock management system. For introducing effective operational tasks in their warehouses, organizations across the world are now looking towards hiring the experience and expertise of specialists/ consultants in this field of management.
The benefits of Warehouse Management System (WMS) to the Symphony warehouse are very crucial because:
It can troubleshoot and deal with complex warehouse stocks in an enhanced and simplified manner.
The flow of material becomes very smooth with the pick-and-put away techniques of WMS.
Proper processing of stock goods, effective management of receipts of goods, and stock transfers has made work processes much more progressive and transparent for organizations and their customers alike.
The main futures of this system are:
- Warehouse design
- Putway
- Labor Management
- Inventory Tracking
- Pick-and-Pack
- Receiving
- Shipping
- Reporting
Some numbers about this system:
- Over 10.000 shipping administration
- 2 years development in wharehouse solution

Warehouse Management System

Modules of System

Below you will see the main modules with the main functionalies of system

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